FINεRGETIC, as part of the integration of systems and devices, develop software specialized in the following areas:

  • GREEN IT solutions.

  • Data transmission.

  • Signal processing.

  • Remote control.

  • Systems for sensors and instrumentation networks.

  • SCADA systems.

  • Integration, calculation and management of industrial data.

  • BBDD and Data Warehouses.

  • Statistics.

  • Knowledge management.

  • Decision and strategy systems.

  • SMARTPHONEs software developements.

  • Sustainability e-Learning platforms and systems.

FINεRGETIC develop solutions with Free Software and Open Source (FOSS), which allows us to share knowledge and experience with the community for research, analysis and code development, all within the field of programming for electronic devices and information or communications systems. Additionally, with the aim of providing a service tailored to customer needs, we conducted functional reengineering in critical systems, optimizing applications, data bases and facilities, for allowing its adaptation to the changing needs of public organizations, business and industry.

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